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Today's objective was to prepare 20mL fiber samples with various protease concentrations for incubation and testing tomorrow.


Dr. Hartings pre-made the fiber samples for us in 20mL glass jars. 13 of them were used in this experiment: 3 for 1nM a-chymotrypsin, 3 for 10nM, 3 for 100nM, 3 for 1000nM, and 1 blank with no a-chymotrypsin. The supernatants were removed, and all but 3 were discarded. These 3 supernatants will be used for testing. Once the supernatants were removed, 20mL of a-chymotrypsin in Tris buffer of 1nM, 10nM, 100nM, and 1000nM concentrations were added to the appropriate fiber samples. The blank fiber samples just recieved 20mL of Tris buffer. These fiber samples were then incubated for 24 hours at 37 degrees Celsius.

Full calculations for the a-chymotrypsin added to obtain each desired molarity can be found in Nicole Bonan's notebook.