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Today's objectives include the following:

  1. Analyze the 20% Bentonite beads and 30% dry Bentonite beads via UV VIS
  2. Synthesize 30% Bentonite beads using solution instead of powder


UV Vis of 20% bentonite beads and 30% dry bentonite beads
These beads were analyzed using the same procedure as the 10% AC and 10% bentonite beads, from the 28th.

Synthesis of 30% Bentonite beads
The synthesis of 30% bentonite beads was prepared using the same procedure from the 21st with the only difference being the use of ml of 3% wt bentonite solution and ml of water. The following amounts of each reagent was used: 25mL of 3% wt bentonite solution, 4.3mL DI water, 10.7mL conc. HCL.