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Template for Presentation update


To give an effective overview of the whole project and more details for each module on the following aspects:

  • current status of module cloning,
  • steps of ligations/gene art for testing construct,
  • Data we hope to get,
  • Everything ready - protocols, expertise etc.

We can then use this overview to asses our current progress in the project and also priorities the work we need to carry out before the jamboree. Remember the end game of the project really is a website, poster and a 15min presentation and not a completely finished project.

Please use template below to make pages for each of the modules and use these on Friday in the meeting with the Prof. These types of pages can be reused for future meetings to give us a snap shot of the progress.

System Overview

  • Provide full genetic system to illustrate how functional modules are coupled together.
  • Provide imaginary time response for the full system, and break it down into module activities (Growth, Protein production, Media ...)

Module X Template

Module function in overall design

  • High level description
  • Input(s)/Output(s)

Testing Construct Design

  • How many of them ?
  • Picture/Diagram for all test constructs
  • Describe briefly purpose behind each test construct


  • Current status in terms of cloning for each assembly
  • Number of cloning steps remaining before testing construct
  • Gene Synthesis involved ? (if yes, when is it due ?)
  • How likely are we to get the cloning finished before [Jamboree - 2 weeks] (deadline to send parts) ? [unlikely, likely, certain]

Data we hope to Get from this

  • Fore each test construct, sketch graph or write description, but make sure it is clear and understanable
  • How essential is this data for the success of the project (0..10)

Ready for testing construct

  • Protocols written and reviewed ?
  • Any expertise needed? Acces to specific equipment needed ?
  • Modelling done ? Ready to analyse experimental data ?


  • additional info you think is important.