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Imperial College London - Synthetic Biology Lab


Registrations Closed

Registration is now open for the 2009 Imperial College iGEM team! We are looking for undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines in life sciences and engineering. The iGEM project is a 10 week project that will begin in the first week of July. In addition, students will get the opportunity to present the project at the iGEM jamboree held at MIT in Boston at the beginning of November.

To register please send your CV to by the Friday 13th of February.

iGEM @ Imperial

iGEM 2006 @ Imperial iGEM 2007 @ Imperial iGEM 2008 @ Imperial
IGEM GroupPhotos0015.JPG
  • Project: Engineering a molecular predator-prey oscillator
  • Awards:
    • Overall Runner-up
    • Best characterisation
    • Best Documentation
  • Project: Infector detector
  • Awards:
    • Gold Medal


  • Project: Biofabricator subtilis
  • Awards:
    • Best Manufacturing project
    • Best Natural Biobrick
    • Gold Medal

Synthetic Biology @ Imperial

Synthetic Biology Resources


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