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Contact Info

Jake Palmer

Personal Info

I am a graduate student who works in the lab of Vanni Bucci at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and formerly in the lab of Chris Brigham. The primary purpose of this page is to be a central location for finding protocols/reagents/media I've developed or those which I've used, but with tweaks to accommodate reagents we have in our labs or to fit my particular experiments. I'll be sure to reference all those documents which provided initial inspiration or guidance for me. When I started grad school, I had zero practical wet lab experience. A few short years later, and now I've become a pretty savvy experimentalist. I hope you find some of my advice helps you to accomplish your goals!

The reason you are here


  • PhD - Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Spring 2019 projected)
  • BS - Purdue University (2008)

Research interests

  1. Synthetic biology
  2. Rationally designed engineered probiotics
  3. Metabolic Engineering
  4. Quorum Sensing
  5. Microbially derived biofuel production





I like to run. You can follow me on strava if you like!

I like to read. You can check me out on Goodreads

Discussion regarding Genetic Engineering in Humans

"How can I design an experiment using CRISPR/Cas9?"

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