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The point of view of David

I met David to know about his point of view concerning the conference related in the previous entry -october 9-. He is writing a message for Mitchinson, to explain in a clearly way why the experimental result obtained with the AK signaling pathway are important, since they uncover some aspects of its network-based structure. David will present his results in job interview at Albert Einstein University in New York at the beginning of november. I gave to him my text summarizing my ideas about the results. We will discuss in teh near future about the pertinency of writing a research paper. I think that it would be possible to write two different reports, but David seems to want only one. We will see.

Working with Cytoscope

I installed Cytoscope ( in the silver lab apple computer that I am using. This freely available software can be used to draw compex networks, using geometric and color metaphors to include in the description edges and nodes attributes. I want to use this software for my project concerning the study of science community in network-based terms.


I send the chapter of the Szallasi (Media:chapter.pdf) book to Jesus. I want him to understand the notion of bistability. I need also to continue with the text summarizing the work with David, maybe including somethinmg about desensitization.

I must not forget to work with Kappa