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Summarizing conclusions

I worked all the time summarizing the proposed approach to the study of the hysteresis phenomenon observed in the AKT signaling pathway, when affected by Zstk drug. I wrote a preliminary text in the style of the letters published by Nature. In include here the zip file with all the files related to the letter ( The text file is lubrication.tex. I wrote the letter following a speculative approach, trying to take into account all the connection between the results and what can be applied from mechanical systems. I think dither is the key concept.

The Eva Jablonka book

I continued with the lecture of the Eva Jablonka book (Evolution in Four Dimensions, by MIT Press). I am finishing Chapter 2, which concerns a critic against genetic determinism, and the defense of the network approach to understand complexity of organism, and how the addition of this approach would change the way evolution understand heredity -going from the genes to the network-. I send a message to Jablonka -to invite her to collaborate on the topic-, but by the moment I have no answer, maybe I must wait some time (