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Working in thw twwo feedback loops scheme

During this day I was working in the explanation of the hysteresis phenomenon observed in the AKT phenomenon. I think that an argumentation based on the twoo feedbacl control regulating scheme of the sarcomere force-length behavior (when considering oscillatory disturbances acting on the sarcomere length) can work, if predicting behavior. In particular if counter clockwise can be predicted. If not, the dominating negative feedback regulating scheme can be justified by the sarcomere argument and by the friction model. In this case models can be used in a qualitative way, avoiding quantitative explanation. I do not know if this argument will be anough good for the paper to be submitted.

Workshop in microscope-originated imagen processing

Today I participate in a workshop at NIC concerning miscroscopy, when the processing of images is concerned. The workshop was very interesting. I worked in a semi-robotic microscope, unsing the Metamorph software to take photos of a sample (using different filters, related to particular fluorophores). What was very interesting was to see how some information concerning dynamical behaviors can be obtained from images recorded in progressive time (including 3D images). As a crazy idea I think that even a small short movie will be possible to do working with this methods (a Tarantino like movie showing violent reactions of cells when being attacked chemically!).

Boston University and Control Theory

In the night I went to meeting in an irish pub not far from here and there David introduced me a friend who works in automatic control theory (Morteza Lahijanian), who is following PhD studies working at Boston University ( Maybe it would be a good idea to contact Morteza and go one of this days to Boston University to see what the people is doing there. By the moment I can not use my web page to give information to the people, because my computer in Mexico is sleeping. Maybe it is time to open a website with an external provider.