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Goals to attend this week

  1. To focus my activities in the hysteretical phenomenon observed in the AKT. I will read again the papers that I was reading the last weeks. The idea is to find a theoretical argument to explain the hysteretical behavior. David insist in the double loop schema, because he think that this model would allow to say that we really understand the observed behavior, and thus we can have an idea about how to use a combination of drugs to master the AKT signaling pathway in predictable terms.
  2. Read the paper by Arturo Lazcano and ask somethings to him to maintain the collaboration.
  3. Organize a work plan for the student in Mexico (Jesús Barrera) centered in the lac operon dynamics. I think that it would be good to send him the question that I receive in the summer course on systems biology by Ron Milo, to make the mind of the student to approach biology by ¨the numbers¨.
  4. To repport my ideas to David - URGENT - (the goal is to include a theoretical explanation in a paper that could be proposed to a top scientif journal -Science?-)
  5. To contact Uri Alon and expose to him my ideas about "promoter robustness" and the role of the motifs as "soldiers" protecting it, following something like a Richard Dawkins point of view -the author of celebrated book "The Selfish Gene"-.

The text on uncovering of the functional organization of living beings

I finished a preliminar version of the text. I sent it to Jesús Barrera. I will add some more information in the index and will also sent the text to Cristina, to make her to understand how functional organization of living beings is uncovered. Maybe it would be not a bad idea to sent to both of them a copy of the of W Cohen (A Computer Scientist's Guide to Cell Biology, Springer Verlag, 2007, ISBN 978-0-387-48275-0).