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Learning the methods for the elucidation of functional organization of living being

This day I was busy studying the methodologies involved in the uncovering of functional organization of living beings. I decided to study this topic because of the following reasons:

  1. When thinking in functional organization of living being I arrived to the conclusion that I can not separate the tools applied in the elucidation from the concepts conceived to explain it. Which is to say, the tools condition the conceptualization.
  2. I decided then to review the methodologies involved in the elucidation of functional organization, and I found that the task is not easy. Because of that I decided to write something like a summary of all this methodologies, and also include it in a text that I am preparing to organize all my knowledge about systems biology from the theoretical control point of view.

The text in preparation

The organization of the text currently in preparation is the following one:

  1. The scope.
    • Introduction
    • Reasons for uncovering fuctional organization of living beings.
  2. The generic cell as a system
    1. The lac operon
      1. The regulatory process
        • The repressed state
        • Inhibition of the repressed state
        • Inhibition of the repressed state
        • Working with mutants

Some problems at this level

When working in the text specified above I realized that my knowledge on the way a mutation is induced is almost not existent, because of that I decide to read something about the question and is what I do before continuing with text.

The hysteresis question posed by David

David sent to me the graphics corresponding to his experimental results, in order to math them to a model. I must tackle that problem then. I included here the figures to have them available all the time. HysteresisAKT.png

The main issue here is to match this curves with a hysteresis model, adapted to steady state behavior, i.e. what the curves show is not depending on time.