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Bioinformatics in the web

  • Today I will be busy all the morning, because I will participate in course on genomics on the web.
    • We first view how to use the Countway web page to find information associated to books, journal, and so on.
  • Just a comment on the way this courses are given (the informatics part): in the Room 403 at Countway Library there are 24 notebooks (windows based). When arriving the student take a notebook and then connect it to the power line and to the local network in the place he (or her) choses to be. The instructor (David Osterbur, PhD, designer of the Countway Libray of Medicine Web site) is front of the students (there a computer projection system and a white board); in the room can be 30 students, more or else.
  • It seems that it is necessary to take into account that the computer tool to find a particular information (gene map, protein, amino-acid, phylogeny, etc.) must be chosen in a right way, in order to avoid lost time with useless information.
  • From a personal point of view: it would be better to have some notes about the subject, because the information is so huge and slightly confusing.