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Contact Info

J. Antonio Ibarra
  • Google Scholar : Publications and citations [1]
  • ResearchGate: Publications and citations [2]

I work at the Microbial Genetics lab in the National School of Biological Sciences [3] at the National Polytechnic Institute or IPN [4]. Here I teach an undergrad class (Microbial Genetics) and grad class (Molecular and Cellular Biology of Prokaryotes). I tutor a lot of undergrad and grad students (see below) in a variety of projects. I learned about OpenWetWare from a colleague and collaborator friend of mine that uses this service. I joined because I would like to share my techniques and at the same time take advice from the scientific community worldwide. I would also like to have a permanent place to store my protocols and techniques, one that my students and collaborators can use wherever they are. Additionally I would like to serve as a platform to get in touch with interested students and Post-doc candidates to join my lab.

Here you will find some information regarding our projects and also the people and alumni from my lab.

People interested in following us in social media could look for @Ibarra_Lab

Education and training

  • 2011-2012, Post doctoral Fellow at the CMMB department University of South Florida [5]
  • 2006-2010, Post doctoral Fellow at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (NIAID) [6]
  • 2003, PhD in Biochemistry, Institute of Biotechnology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) [7]
  • 1996, MS in Microbiology, National School of Biological Sciences, National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)
  • 1993, BS in Microbiology, National School of Biological Sciences, National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)

Research interests

  • Molecular Genetics of Bacteria
  • Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Gene Regulation
  • Biochemistry of transcriptional regulators
  • Protein purification for multiple purposes such as diagnosis, enzymology and biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Fungi proteases and sterol synthetases
  • Detection of B. turicatae in relapsing fever patients


  • Paulina Estrada-de los Santos
  • Lourdes Villa-Tanaca
  • Cesar H. Hernández-Rodríguez
  • Graciela Castro-Escarpulli
  • Guadalupe Aguilar
  • Juan Carlos Villalobos
  • Yolanda Gomez-y-Gomez
  • Víctor H. Bustamante
  • José Luis Puente
  • IIMAS-UNAM Mérida
  • Ernesto Pérez-Rueda
  • Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
  • Cristina Lara-Ochoa
  • Ygnacio Martinez-Laguna
  • Universidad Politecnica de Pachuca (UPP)
  • Yuridia Mercado-Flores
  • Miguel A. De la Cruz
  • Miguela A. Ares
  • Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez
  • Juan Xicohtencatl
  • Hospital General Manuel Gea González
  • Luz Elena Espinoza-de los Monteros
  • Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  • Ángel Andrade Torres
  • University of South Florida (USF)
  • Lindsey N. Shaw
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Job E. Lopez
  • University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Alfredo G. Torres

Lab members / Research interests

  • Edwin Vázquez / MSc Student / Borrelia turicatae detection team
  • Daniel Cortés / MSc Student / Salmonella team
  • Gabriela Martínez / MSc Student / Salmonella team
  • Jeniffer Kerber / MSc Student / Burholderia mutagenesis team
  • Ixchell Yuremi / MSc student ENCB/ Antivirulence team
  • Mario Ortiz / BSc Student / Salmonella team
  • Aylin Juarez / BSc Student / Salmonella team
  • Mario Leos / BSc Student / Burholderia mutagenesis team
  • Ana Jaime / BSc Student / Antivirulence team


  • Miryam Villalba / BSc UAEM
  • Diana Gómez / BSc UAEM
  • Melissa Vázquez / BSc ENCB
  • Pedro Tesillo Moreno / MSc ENCB
  • Mónica Cueto / MSc ENCB
  • Daniela Martínez / BSc ENCB
  • Martha Ostría / PhD ENCB
  • Blanca Rosales / PhD ENCB
  • Dulce Ma. Pavon / PhD ENCB
  • Jose Luis Cortez / PhD ENCB
  • Elias Cortes Acosta / PhD ENCB
  • Andrea Guerrero-Mandujano / PhD ENCB
  • Mariela Serrano Gutierrez/ MSc ENCB
  • Juan Figueroa / BSc ENCB
  • Fernando Rojas Rojas / PhD ENCB
  • Silvia García / MSc ENCB
  • Ixchell Yuremi Sedillo / BSc ENCB
  • Georgina Meza redilla / BSc ENCB
  • Luis E. Romero / MSc ENCB
  • Denisse Paredes / BSc ENCB
  • Wendy González Ibarra / BSc ENCB
  • Eduardo Carreon / BSc ENCB
  • Miguel A. Rodriguez Ramirez / BSc ENCB
  • Andony Flores Cerón / BSc ENCB


  • Pubmed (please consider that not all the publications under this search are mine) [8], but this site [9] is a more accurate site.
  • Google Scholar : Publications and citations [10]
  • ResearchGate: Publications and citations [11]

Proyecto de fiebre recurrente causado por garrapatas: AVISO DE PRIVACIDAD

Recurrent Fever caused by Borrelia strains transmitted by tick: NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICE