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Cell type specification

Three specific transcription factors are encoded at the MAT locus:

  • α1
  • α2
  • a1

One general transcription factor, MADS type: MCM1

  • exibits different activity in ha and halpha cells
  • activator or repressor

PRE: pheromone response element

Mating type conversion:

  • happens in haploid only
  • during late G1 phase
  • in one of mitotic products: mother cell

Asymmetric mitotic division: mother and daughter cells are different Example from other species: stem cells produce specialized siblings

Ash1 localized to daughter cells prevents Swi5 TF from activating expression of HO endonuclease -> restrict switching of mating types to mother cells

Why have asymmetric types: a & alpha?

Signal transduction pathway appears identical in a and α types.