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  • aka Emericella nidulans
  • A. nidulans is a member of the ascomycetes. It grows rapidly as a filamentous fungus on solid or in liquid media under a variety of nutritional conditions. A. nidulans is homothallic, which means that any two strains can be mated directly. It is normally haploid, but can also be induced to grow as a heterokaryon or a vegetative diploid. It produces both asexual spores (conidia) and sexual spores (ascospores). It also undergoes development to produce at least nine different cell types.
  • Unlike these other Aspergilli, which are asexual, A. nidulans has a well-characterized, conventional genetic system.
  • The size of the A. nidulans genome is approximately 31 Mb. It has 8 well-marked chromosomes containing an estimated 11,000-12,000 genes
  • Does it have a mating pheromone response pathway?