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Open Source Social Networking & Collaboration Suite


  • Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. With just a few snippets of code, you get more people engaging more deeply with your site.
  • Facebook Open Platform is a snapshot of the infrastructure that runs Facebook Platform. It includes the API infrastructure, the FBML parser, the FQL parser, and FBJS, as well as implementations of many common methods and tags.
  • Facebook Connect
  • MySpace Data Availability


OpenSocial is a set of three common APIs:

  • Profile Information (user data)
  • Friends Information (social graph)
  • Activities (things that happen, News Feed type stuff)


  • a platform for creating social networks
  • features
    • For software developers with knowledge of PHP, Ning APIs, and the social network's code structure and guidelines, you can completely customize your social network's behavior. To get a copy of the code and join our developer program, send us an email
  • Video demo


  • a free social networking site that lets anyone create and customize a social network for their organization, event, or alumni group
  • used by BioSysBio

Scientific networks

Academic Genealogy

  • AI Genealogy Project
    "One's doctoral advisor is one's academic parent. This lets us define an academic genealogy of researchers, to describe the academic ancestors and descendents of a particular set of researchers."
  • Mathematics Genealogy Project

Semantic annotation

People on


  • Wink free people search lets you find people at social networks like MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn & Friendster, and other online communities
  • Thoughts on social graph - decentralized API for relationship systems
Mugshot - share content from MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, blogs and more
  • Explode might help users stay connected across competing networks
  • SNIX - Social Networking Syndication
an XML format to incorporate all of your profile information (including photos) into one hosted XML document that can be syndicated across multiple social networking sites
  • From Social networking through the ages:
    • OpenID - the decentralization of personal identity on the web. You will not maintain different identities with different providers unless you want to. One password, one username. You own your identity
    • OAuth - an authentication standard that will allow service providers to authenticate themselves and their user against other service providers without asking users for passwords or indeed any information other than their established identity. It can be used on top of OpenId.
    • DataPortability - an initiative spear-headed by Google and Facebook that shows they are commited to interchange of data. It will use open standards like OpenId and oAuth to create seamless data portability between service providers in a secure manner (it is commited to doing this via an open standard anyone can implement). This means you could post your photos to flickr and facebook would know all about them (if you want it to), import your contacts from into facebook, and so on. (a use case)