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General info

  • Semantic Wiki - Wikipedia article
  • Wiki for Professionals are workspace for Semantic Web, enabling real-time knowledge exchange and exploration
  • SemWiki - The Semantic Wiki Community
  • Tags for MediaWiki
  • WikiOnt is an an ontology to model that aims at integrating MediaWiki-based sites into the Semantic Web framework and making them machine-processable and -understandable
  • DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web

Semantic MediaWiki


Other implementations

  • WikSAR
  • Platypus Wiki - a Semantic Wiki WikiWeb. It uses RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDF Schema and OWL (Web Ontology Language) to create ontologies and manage metadata.
  • Rx4RDF is a set of technologies designed to make W3C's RDF more accessible and easier to use. Rhizome is a general purpose content management and delivery system that runs on Raccoon. It is dynamic and self-editable like a Wiki but uses ZML and RxML to enable structured content and editable metadata.
  • BettaMeta - allows users to specify the available metadata in an easy to use form

Wiki Data

  • Category:Wikidata
  • OmegaWiki (formerly known as WiktionaryZ) is a collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual resource in every language, with lexicological, terminological and thesaurus information. It is also the first implementation of the Wikidata technology (brings relational data to MediaWiki)
  • WikiDB is a PHP software that allows to create cooperatively data table online (available as a standalone app and a MediaWiki extension)
  • Infobox on Wikipedia is a consistently-formatted table which is present in articles with a common subject to provide summary information consistently between articles or improve navigation to closely related articles in that subject.
  • online spreadsheet
  • Exhibit is a lightweight structured data publishing framework that lets you create web pages with support for sorting, filtering, and rich visualizations by writing only HTML and optionally some CSS and Javascript code