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External link to INSERM Research Unit 781, Handicaps Génétiques de l'Enfant


A munnich.jpg
The boss: Arnold Munnich (testifying for the Senate)

Lab Group-small.jpg
Nora, Sophie L., Tania, Mohammed, Géraldine, Catherine

These people are former members or hall neighbors of the research group #1, Embryology and genetic architecture of human neural crest malformations run by Stanislas Lyonnet and Michel Vekemans.

On our way.jpg
On our way into the Corum conference center, Montpellier. Philippe up front, Julie and Catherine.

Anna P. presenting at the Assises de Génétique 2006

Train 2.jpg
On our way back: Solange, Marlene, Sophie, Delphine, Jérôme, Célia

Train 1.jpg
On our way back 2: Sophie, Anna, Christelle, Mathieu. Those cool red bags are from the conference.

Jerome's last day - lunch out Aux Artistes.

Outside the establishment. Typical Paris cheap bistro. Lots of smoke.

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