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  • Use alpha and gamma methods to make myoglobin GNPs
  • Test tomorrow
  • Make beta method tomorrow


  • Dilute 50 mg/mL myoglobin to 10^-6 M


  1. A 1/10 solution of the reactant free nano particles was prepared from the stock solution
  2. 27mL of the AuNP solution was transferred to a beaker
  3. 1mL of 5mg/mL solution Myoglobin in H2O was added to the beaker
  4. The mixture was stirred at room temperature for 30 minutes
  5. The solution was then centrifuged for 30 minutes at 10,000rpm
  6. The supernatant and pellet were separated
  7. The pellet was resuspended in PBS solution with 0.1% BSA