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Contact Info

Hector F. Medina-Abarca
  • Héctor F. Medina-Abarca
    • Fontana Laboratory, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
    • Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
  • Academic contact
    • OpenWetWare Email
    • hmedina [at-sign] lcg [dot] unam [dot] mx
    • hector_medina-abarca [at-sign] med [dot] harvard [dot] edu

I'm currently Research Assistant at the Fontana Lab in Harvard's Systems Biology department, working with rule-based models of biochemical reaction networks. I studied the Genomic Sciences Progamme at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. I learned about OpenWetWare from Teamates, and I joined to participate with my team on our 2010 iGEM project.


  • 2008, Baccalauréat Générale en Série Scientifique avec Mention Assez Bien, Académie de la Martinique
  • 2012, Bachelor in Integrative Genomic Sciences, UNAM

Work Experience

  • 2012, Intern, Rule-based modeling at the Fontana lab at Harvard Medical School
  • 2013, Research Assistant, Rule-based modeling at the Fontana lab at Harvard Medical School

Research interests

  1. Synthetic Biology: the Trial by Synthesis of bio-understanding
  2. Systems Biology: observing biology from the perspective of systems (define your own system!)
  3. MetaGenomics: the boundary between self and non-self becomes blurry with microbiomes
  4. AstroBiology: a Universe of Possibilities out there


  1. Terraform Mars (if devoid of resurrectable life)
  2. Colonize Jupiter's atmosphere.




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