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Heather E. Jordan

Heather is the founder and president of the Atlantis Astrobiology Research Institute; an organization dedicated to public science education and abiogensis research. Heather is also a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the Department of Geology and Geophysics.

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Current Research Projects: under principal investigator, Dr. Nita Sahai

Coming soon...

The Atlantis Astrobiology Research Institute (AARI)

Research at AARI is largely theoretical. We are primarily interested in geocatalytic mechanisms and biomimetic processes that would have been viable just before or during the Late Heavy Bombardment, when life most likely originated on Earth. Our models do not require the existence of an RNA World or call for pre-RNA World candidates. Our objective is simply to meet the prerequisites for life in a manner which exploits plausible prebiotic materials and processes to the exclusion of other, more modern innovations.

Public Science Education @ The Chrys

We have assembled a diverse collection of multimedia resources which include videos, interactive Flash animations, audio recordings, literature, and links to external applications. We even have a Procrastination Station on our Chemical Alley page! All content is accessible to everyone, free of charge.

Current topics on The Chrys include:

Those who wish to make a small, tax-deductible donation to AARI will be acknowledged. There are other ways to support AARI, such as purchasing natural stone and seashell jewelry at the AARI Gift Shop

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