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Semester Objectives

We will first test to see whether we can use the nanofibers as a biosensor. If these work, then we will test if they work better when made with platinum, a metal that enhances electroactivity, and then will see if the nanofiber biosensors work to detect other analytes. After that, if time allows, we will test if these nanofibers can be created with other proteins and whether or not naturally occurring electrolytes interfere with their ability to be used as biosensor. If the nanofibers do not work then we will make graphene-AuNPs and test those with platinum instead of gold, with different proteins instead of myoglobin, with different analytes instead of hydrogen peroxide, and then see if the NPs made with different proteins and different elements have any naturally occurring electrolytes that interfere with their function.

Daily Objective

  1. Submit white paper
  2. Determine list of materials needed for semester
  3. Make stock solutions of gold and myoglobin
  4. Make 10 gold nanofiber samples


  1. .124 mM Mb stock
  2. 4.708 uM Au stock
  3. Make 10 3mL nanofiber samples: .25mM Au, 4.545 uM Mb
    1. 159 uL Au
    2. 110 uL Mb
    3. 2731 uL H2O
  4. Place in oven at 80°C for 4 hours


Past research has determined that nanofibers form at a ratio of gold to myoglobin=55:1

Cassidy Hart