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  1. Run fluorescence data for lysozyme at pH=12
  2. Create stock solutions for use on 12.06.2016



  1. Solutions made using measurements below
  2. Fluorescence data run every 3 minutes for 3 hours

Solutions for 11/16/2016
Solutions were added to glass test tubes, covered with foil, and placed in an oven set to 80°C for 4 hours.


Figure 1 Maximum emission data in a solution of pH 12.

Figure 2 Integrated fluorescence data in a solution of pH 12.

Figure 3 Full emission spectra for important time points: t=0, 69, and every 30 min from 90-180 min.

Figure 3 Explanation
This data looks different from the other runs up to this point.

UV-vis solutions for 12.06.2016


This pH should be run again with a lower concentration of the lysozyme because of the flattening out at Absorbance=1000. The "flattening" is likely due to the elimination of the interaction of gold and the tryptophan in the lysozyme protein. The lower concentration of lysozyme will allow us to visualize the true maximum absorbance level. This will also change the results shown in Figure 1. Currently, the graph is showing most of the maximum emission to be around 1000 due to this skewed data.