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  1. Run fluorescence data for lysozyme at pH=9
  2. Create stock solutions for use on 10.26.2016



  1. Solutions made using measurements below
  2. Fluorescence data run every 3 minutes for 3 hours

Solutions for 10/05/2016
Solutions were added to glass test tubes, covered with foil, and placed in an oven set to 80°C for 4 hours.


Figure 1 Maximum emission data in a solution of pH 9.

Figure 2 Integrated fluorescence data in a solution of pH 7.

Figure 3 Full emission spectra for important time points: t=0, 6, 33, 90, 180 min.

Figure 3 Explanation

  1. At t=0 min, we see a max emission far to the left of the other emission spectra.
  2. At t=6 min, this maximum has shifted up and to the right.
  3. Until t=33 min, the maximum for each spectra decreases until the shown maximum.
  4. After t=33 min, the maximum begins increasing again.
  5. At t=90 min, the maximum continues to increase, but the "shoulder" seen at around 475 nm begins going away.
  6. t=180 shows the final full spectra obtained.

UV-vis solutions for 10.26..2016

Table 1 UV-vis solutions made for [Fructose]=.75mM with silver

Table 2 UV-vis solutions made for [Fructose]=1.25mM with silver