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How do I contact another OWW user?

Contacting another OWW user is easy. We'll look at three simple methods in turn below.

Message a User_talk page

Every OWW user has a User_talk page with a name that looks like User_talk:User_name. When you leave a message on the talk page, the user is notified the next time they access OWW.

Send an Email Through OWW

Many users have enabled email through OWW. This means that you can visit a special page with a name that looks like Special:Emailuser/User_name, and it will bring you to a form to type in your message body. When you do press 'send', the OWW system sends the user the email, and they can respond to you via your email address. Only logged in users can do this so you don't have to worry about spam.

If you want other users to be able to contact you by email, you can enable this through your preferences. See How to change your preferences for more information. Be sure to put a link to Special:Emailuser/Your_User_Name on your User page so that others know they can use this to contact you.

Use the OWW Chatroom

OWW has a site-wide chat room running at all times. To visit the chat room, click on the chat link on the left hand side of any page. You will see a list of users who are logged into the chat on the right, and you can type your message there. Users who are participating in the chat will be able to see your message and respond. This is a great way to send a message to multiple people at once, or collaborate with a group discussion.