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Grzegorz Michalski (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Your Lab at XYZ University. I learned about OpenWetWare from Thomson R, and I've joined because I do not know.


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Template:Infobox person Grzegorz Marek Michalski - Polish economist, researcher at the School of Management, Computer Science and Finance at Wroclaw University of Economics. His main area of research are Business Finance and Financial Liquidity Management. Grzegorz Marek Michalski is a professor of finance. Much of his research is aimed at understanding the determinants and dynamics of financial corporate liquidity. In his research, he has examined the firm value and cost of capital results of corporate liquidity management policies and resultts of demand for liquidity by firms. He has also investigated the effects of corporate liquidity on portfolio choice and corporate current assets decisions. Currently, Grzegorz Marek Michalski is studying the liquidity decisions made by nonprofit organizations. Grzegorz Marek Michalski also studies current business investment in accounts payable, inventories and operating cash. Recent grants and projects examine the effect of liquidity constraints on nonprofit organizations and forprofit small enterpises decisions to level of current assets investments, and on whether or not to use such information on cost of capital level and results on business valuation results. In ongoing work, he studies the unique risk characteristics of business organization capital, and documents the high expected returns which enterprises heavily invested in organization capital earn. Grzegorz Marek Michalski work has been published in ISI academic journals such as the Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, the Journal of Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, and the Agricultural Economics - Zemědělská ekonomika. His research has earned Wroclaw University of Economics Rector prizes for distinguished publication and research activity.

Grzegorz M. Michalski is an author of over 80 papers and 10 books. He is an Editor in Chief of:

  • Global Open Journal of Finance (GOJoF),[1][2]

He is part of Editorial Boards in many international journals:

  • Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal (AABFJ) ISSN: 1834-2000,[3]
  • Journal of Corporate Treasury Management (JCTM) ISSN 1753-2574,[4]
  • Journal of Problems and Perspectives in Management (PPM) ISSN: 1727-7051 (print), ISSN 1810-5467 (online) [5]
  • International Journal of Information Processing and Management (IJIPM), ISSN: 2093-4009,[6]
  • International Journal of Economics and Business Research (IJEBR) ISSN: 1756-9850, ISSN (Online): 1756-9869,[7]
  • Business and Economics Research Journal (BERJ) ISSN: 1309-2448,[8]
  • Business and Economics Journal (BEJ) ISSN 2151-6219 (od 2010 do 2011),[9]
  • International Review of Applied Financial Issues and Economics (IRAFIE) ISSN: 9210 - 1737 (od 2010 do 2011).[10]

He holds MA and Ph.D. degrees from the Wroclaw University of Economics


Grzegorz M. Michalski is widely quoted in Polish and Eastern European literature on the subject of Liquidity Management.[11]

Financial Liquidity Management

Business Finance

Financial Analysis


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