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Personal lists

Computers programs

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Add to /My Library

  • Freshney Culture of animal cells
  • Roche Applied Science Lab FAQS, 2nd edition
  • Jane Roskams and Linda Rodgers, Lab Ref, CSHL Press, ISBN 0-87969-630-3
  • Albert S. Mellick and Linda Rodgers, Lab Ref Volume 2, CSHL Press, ISBN 0-87969-815-2
  • John D. Bancroft and Marilyn Gamble eds., Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques, Churchill Livingstone, ISBN 0-443-06435-0
  • Current Protocols in Immunology
  • Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
  • Current Protocols in Cell Biology
  • Current Protocols in Cytometry

Lab page

Setting up a lab

  • Spectro
  • NanoDrop
  • Plaque reader
  • P2, P20, P200, P1000, Multi8-20/200, Multi12-20/200
  • Plaque washer
  • Freezing box for cells
  • Freezing box for enzymes


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  • Cell culture
    • Count
      • Hemacytometer
      • Viability
      • Lysis solutions
    • Cell lines
      • DBT cells
    • Primary cells
      • Splenocytes
        • With ACK
        • Without ACK
      • T cells
        • CNS
  • Virus (MHV)
    • Production
    • Titration
  • Mice
    • Histology
      • Coupes au cryostat
      • Colorations
        • H&E
        • LFB
          • Consensus
          • Marceau
        • Immunohistochimie
    • Acides nucléiques
      • Extraction de l'ARN
        • Trizol
        • Quiagen
    • Proteins
      • Bradford
    • Immune functions
      • ELISA
      • Proliferation
        • Stimulants
          • ConA
          • aCD3
          • aCD3+aCD28
          • aCD3+IL-2
          • PMA/Iono
        • Assay
      • CFSE
      • Cytometry
        • Labeling
          • Freshney Culture of animal cells, p.317
        • Intracellular labeling
        • Reactivation
        • Flow cytometry
          • Freshney Culture of animal cells, p.318
      • Proliferation assay
        • Freshney Culture of animal cells, p.325
      • Preparation of lymphocytes
        • Freshney Culture of animal cells, p.423

Quick Facts

  • RNA
  • DNA
  • Proteins
  • Cells
  • Buffers and media
  • Conversion tables