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About Me

Fernando Cruz

Fernando Cruz , Postdoc in Evolutionary Bioinformatics

I work in the Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics Group at EBD-CSIC.


  • F. Cruz, A. Brennan, V. Muñoz-Fuentes, E. Muthukrishnan, A. González-Voyer, S. Roques, F. Xavier Pico, 2012. Genetics and genomics in wildlife studies: Implications for ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. BioEssays 34:3, 245–246 DOI

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Research interests

A central axis of my research is the efficiency of selection to shape natural variation. The balance between selection and neutral processes that drives the accumulation of adaptive or neutral changes has strong implications on genome evolution, population genetics and speciation. I use bioinformatic and comparative genomics approaches to better understand the evolutionary biology of vertebrates. Some specific projects and perspectives are:

  1. The Genomics of Dog Domestication.
  2. Population Genomics of Endangered Species: Carnivores, Birds and Amphibians.
  3. Impact of Global Change on Genomes. Please follow the EcoGenes Project!

Genomics Discussion Group

These are internal meetings at EBD-CSIC. Someone opens a discussion with the purpose of getting feedback or advice on a specific matter. The subject of discussion might include current genomics research, perspectives, collaborative projects, software, new methods or approaches.

I am organizing them since September 2011. People in nearby centers with an interest on genomics and bioinformatics is welcome to join. Please contact me if you want to participate in some of our meetings.

Genomics Papers


Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis

Introduction to Perl in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics and Genomics

ASSEMBLATHON, a set of periodic collaborative efforts that all help improve methods of genome assembly.


Computational Tools and Platforms:

  • PyCoGent Python Comparative Genomics Toolkit


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