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Contact Info

Eric McLamore (an artistic interpretation)
  • Eric McLamore
  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Florida


  • My lab specializes in physiological sensing for bioenvironmental, agricultural, and biomedical research. We focus on providing facile methods for ‘tuning’ sensors and biosensors based on hypothesis driven research needs, rather than constructing hypotheses within the framework of existing technology. Applications include bioregenerative water recovery on earth and in space, emerging contaminants and ecotoxicology, climate change and developmental biology, rhizosphere-root transport, and bioenergetics/cell signaling in cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy research. In collaboration with experts in the fine arts, we use the ‘design by performance’ approach to promote informal science education, improving the communication of research findings to the public through interactive media.


  • PostDoctoral Research Associate (2009), Physiological Sensing Facility, Bindley Bioscience/Birck Nanotechnology Centers
  • PhD, Civil Engineering, Purdue University (2008)
  • MS, Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University, (2004)
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University, (2002)


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  • McLamore, E.S., A. Morse and W.A. Jackson (2007). “Abiotic Transport in a Membrane Aerated Bioreactor”. Journal of Membrane Science. 298: 110-116.


  • Courses
 ABE 4491/6933: Fundamentals and Applications of Biosensors 
  • Teaching Grants

McLamore, E.S. and R. Heipp (2012). Visualization in Biological and Biomimetic Processes. University of Florida Honors Program Interdisciplinary Teaching Grant. $2,000.