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Eri Gentry (an artistic interpretation)

By day, I am Community Manager at Genomera, a Health 2.0 startup that is the platform for open health studies, harnessing the power of open health and data to create insights in health that are happening too slowly and infrequently in traditional health science.

By nights and weekends, I am the Executive Director of BioCurious, the world's first hackerspace for bio, located in Sunnyvale, CA. See more at See even more by visiting us in person. Email me and I will give you a tour.

I am not a scientist by training, but I feel that we are all scientists by nature. Scientific inquiry ought not be limited for want of money or access to higher academic institutions. The ideal of open, equal education in science inspires me to continue building places and platforms like BioCurious and Genomera that let "everyday people" become part of the scientific revolution.


  • The interwebs

Research interests

  1. Making standard biotech tools and medical diagnostics cheaper, easier to use, and more widely available
  2. Making scientific education ""
  3. How to learn best without going back to school


  1. Claim to fame: once quoted in the NYT. Published? Never

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