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Emily Brown (an artistic interpretation)
  • Emily Brown
  • Email: eebrown at mit DOT edu

Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2011

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20/7 Minor in 21L

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eebrown at mit DOT edu

Have you taken or are you taking...

20.320 (Cell Kinetics) Taking now
7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry) Have taken
7.06 (Cell Biology) Taking now
7.02 (General Biology Lab) Have not taken
5.310 (General Chemistry Lab) Have not taken

Do you have any experience culturing cells (mammalian, yeast or microbial)? Mammalian cells

Do you have any experience in molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc)? Yes

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

I have worked in the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering for 2 years under Dr. Shuguang Zhang. I am part of the RealNose team, so I work synthesizing olfactory proteins to be used in creating a synthetic nose that can detect odorants in concentrations equivalent to dogs.

I spent the summer at UCLA Medical School under Dr. Otto Yang researching HIV-1 mutational escape from cytotoxic T lymphocytes in acute infection.

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