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  1. Bead preparation
    • follow the procedure described by Mary using solid clay
    • repeat, increasing the mass percent clay to 20% (we will continue increasing each week until beads do not form)
  2. Finish crosslinking films from last Friday
  3. MG calibration curve
    • Carefully examine the bottom of your bottle. Any solid particles present?
    • We will use UV/Vis spectroscopy to measure MG concentrations
    • The maximum absorption for any UV/Vis analysis should be 1
    • You need at least 5 concentrations (as evenly distributed as possible) to make a standard curve
  4. PVOH film characterization
    • Swelling characteristics are examined by mass before and after drying in an oven
    • Crystallinity is examined using XRD
    • Thermal transitions are examined using DSC
  5. PVOH film preparation
    • Repeat the preparation of film containing clay, but use your 3 wt% solution to replace some of the water. How much do you need?