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Prior Work

  • Preliminary work involved preparation of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) films from aqueous solutions
  • General Protocol:
    • Place 0.5 g PVOH in 10 mL beaker with small stir bar
    • Add 3 mL water
    • Heat on hot plate to 70°C - 80°C and stir until dissolved (~20 min)
    • Remove stir bar and any partially dissolved gel that forms on surface
    • Pour solution into small Teflon evaporating dish
    • Allow film to air dry in fume hood overnight
  • Tested composites:
    • Pure PVOH
    • PVOH + HAc catalyst (2 - 3 drops)
    • PVOH + succinic acid + HAc catalyst
    • PVOH + H2SO4 catalyst (2 drops)

Today's Results

  • PVOH + sulfuric acid catalyst heated at 100°C for 2 hrs
  • Film stiffened, but turned black