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  1. Complete any titrations you did not complete yesterday
  2. Obtain spectra of your amino acid solutions
  3. Work on your introduction

Note that I will be about a half an hour late to class. You can start on your projects without me.


This assignment is due Tuesday, September 9

  1. What is the volume reading for the liquid in the buret shown above?
  2. What common error did I do when I initially chose methyl red as the indicator? The table below may be helpful.
  3. Using phenolphthalein, at what pH will the standardization titration solution color change to a light pink color?
  4. Assuming 0.500 g KHPhth, 20.00 mL water & 17.63 mL NaOH to neutralize, what is the pH at the equivalence point?
  5. A 0.3 g sample of unknown amino acid is titrated with 0.135 M NaOH. The curve shows one equivalence point at 15.34 mL and pH 5.65. Which amino acid is this?

      Indicator pKa
      methyl red 5.1
      bromothymol blue 7.1
      phenolphthalein 9.7

Introduction Assignment

The introduction is now due Tuesday, September 16


  • Complete individually
  • The experiment is "Stability of protein mediated AuNPs: Equilibria with free proteins and biological cations"
  • Utilize the literature search methods Rachel taught us
  • 0.75 - 2 pages, single spaced
  • Include:
    1. prior studies (what is known)
    2. unanswered questions (why we are conducting this experiment)
    3. what will be conducted here (equilibrium dialysis using acid, protein, NaCl, CaCl2)