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Project 2: Gold Nanoparticle Incorporation Main project page
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Project Objectives

Measure properties of BSA - Gold solutions

  • Electrochemical response of K3Fe(CN)6 redox couple
  • Formation of purple colloidal solution
  • Formation of purple fibers

Today's Tasks

  • Preparation of 2mM K3Fe(CN)6 + 1 M KNO3 stock solution
  • Preparation of 0.25mM Au + 60:1 BSA:Au solution in HAc/NaAc buffer
  • Preparation of 0.25mM Au + 170:1 BSA:Au solution in HAc/NaAc buffer


K3Fe(CN)6 stock solution

  • prepared 100 mL
  • quick connect to pot/galv failed (E overload due to reference electrode open circuit)
  • supporting electrolyte does not need tp be 1 M; 0.1 M should be enough
  • UV/VIS at room temperature taken

Au - BSA solutions

  • white precipitate formed in all solutions
  • attempts in both plastic & glass failed
  • [Au] was only 0.025mM
  • heated at 80C for 30 min also failed
  • UV/VIS at room temperature taken; no noticable peak!