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  1. Prepare reducing agent stock solutions
    • 5 - 10 mL of 100 mM each
    • fructose, galactose, sucrose, Na3Ct, H2Asc
    • For chitosan (168 g/mol), prepare 10 mL 50 mM. Add 4.75 mL HCl per g of chitosan or 0.265 mL HAc per g of chitosan
    • For cellulose nanocrystals, use a 4% solution
  2. AuNP for 100 mM stock solutions
    • 0.1 mL 10 mM HAuCl4 + 0.1 mL 100 mM reducing agent + 3.8 mL H2O
    • For cellulose, add 0.1 mL 10 mM HAuCl4 to 3.9 mL cellulose
    • 0.2 mL 10 mM HAuCl4 + 3.8 mL NaBH4
    • Place test tubes in water bath (600 mL beaker) at 80 C until color changes (~30 min)
  3. Measure UV-VIS of your solutions


Au-His-Na has a peak at 526. Au-His-NH4 has an even higher peak at 537. (Different peak wavelengths indicate different sizes of NP). Au-Cys-NH4 has a sharp peak at 370.

The first three solutions (both Histidines and the Cys with Na) didn't have any peaks. The last one Ag Cys NH4 has a shoulder at around 300 indicating that there was some nanoparticle formation.

Zn-His-Na formed a white solid in solution. UV spectrum maxes out due to solid interference. Zn-His-NH4 does not have a peak. Zn-Cys-Na has a peak at 263. Zn-Cys-NH4 has a peak at 282.

AuZn-His-Na has a peak at 280. AuZn-His-NH4 has a peak at 263.

We measured the solutions that we thought may have coloring. The ascorbic acid NP had color before we put them in the bath but by the time we measured them, there were no peaks. The Na2Ct did have peaks though: One around 260 and the other at 527.


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