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ICP data for gold stock solutions and BSA solutions of AuNP and gold nano-fibers.

To calculate stock solution concentrations we used the Au-R 242.794nm column since the standards measured after were closest to our actual standards. The following calculation was used:

86.15ug/mL*1000mL/L*1g/10^6ug*1mol/196 = 4.395*10^-4 M

Since the first solution (supposedly 2.5mM HAuCl4) was diluted 1:5 that number was multiplied by five to give 2.19 mM as our actual concentration for our 2.5 mM gold solution. For our second solution (10mM) the same calculation was used but since the dilution was 1:10 it was multiplied by ten to give 9.075 mM as our actual concentration.

The gold nano-fiber vs nanoparticle concentrations of gold in solution were as expected with the nanoparticles having a much higher concentration than the nano fibers.


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