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  • Finished filtering 40% beads
  • Put 40% beads in acid
  • Put 25% beads in dye


Beads in dye procedure:

  • All the beads have 5mL of acid in them from previous pH tests.
  • Last week a 1/5 carmine dye solution was prepared using 1mL of the stock dye and 5mL of water
  • When placing this dye in the vials a dye solution with a 1/10 ratio will result.
  • This solution will be allowed to sit until next lab.
  • If the solution is completely clear, more dye will be added and allowed to sit
  • If the solution is not clear anymore (i.e. the beads have been saturated) then the beads will be filtered out and we will run UV-Vis on the resulting solution.
  • Adsorption capacity will be determined using final concentration and amount of dye added.


  • Add data and results here...


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