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  • Continued Running Malachite Green through 50% column
  • Started running heavy metals through Activated Carbon
  • Did Data Analysis for ICP on 10% beads
  • Ran UV-Vis
  • Did swelling for 10% beads


  • MG with 50% beads
  • Used VWR MiniPump Variable Flow at 90 rpm
  • Activated Carbon Beads
  • Allowed to flow freely (no pump)
  • Mass of Column wet: 16.38975 g
  • Mass with beads: 17.8669 g
  • 40% column
  • Mass Dry (not top, no clamp):10.373g


  • 30% beads with MG Data


Mass of MG Eluted: 3.75 mg

MG not adsorbed: 0.1878 mg

MG Adsorbed: 3.5622 mg

MG Desorbed: 36384 mg

Mass of Beads: 0.706 g

Capacity of beads: 5.0456 mg/g

Mass of Clay in Beads: 0.2118 g

Capacity of Clay: 16.181 mg/g