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Supplemented M9 Media (500 ml)

NOTE: This is the same as the Endy Lab version but does not require preparation of intermediate solutions

  • Mix the following components, allow to dissolve completely, and sterilize with a 0.2 μm PES sterile filter
    1. 497 ml of ddH2O
    2. 50 μl of 1M CaCl2 (Teknova C0477)
    3. 1 ml of 1M MgSO4 (Sigma M3409)
    4. 5.64 g of M9 minimal salts, 5X (Sigma M6030)
    5. 150 mg of thiamine hydrochloride (Sigma T1270)
    6. 1 g of casamino acids (Acros Organics 61204)
    7. 2 ml of glycerol (Invitrogen 15514)
  • Protect Supplemented M9 Media from light and store at 4°C