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Contact Info

  • Devang Mehta

LFW E 31, Group of Plant Biotechnology ETH Zürich Universitätstrasse 2 Zürich 8092 Switzerland

Center for Synthetic Biology and Innovation Imperial College London South Kensington Campus


  • 2014-present, PhD, ETH Zurich
  • 2013, MRes Systems and Synthetic Biology & DIC, Imperial College London
  • 2012, B.Tech Biotechnology, VIT University, India

Research interests

  1. Synthetic Biology
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. Genome Engineering
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Systems Biology


  • Engineering durable resistance to viral diseases in cassava for sustainable industrial production in Southern Africa.
  • Engineering a protease based signal amplification device for rapid biosensing.

Supervisors: Prof Paul Freemont, Dr. Tom Ellis & Dr. Geoff Baldwin


IDP Bridges Fellowship

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