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This is the documentation for David's new messages user script.

This script adds a "history" link to the "You have new messages" box. The link is to the history of your user talk page. Here is how the box looks without and with this script:


To use this script put this code in your personal /monobook.js page:

<source lang="javascript"> importScript( "User:Davidgothberg/newmessageshistory.js" ); </source>

Then you need to wait a minute and then bypass your browser cache to load this script the first time.

Technical details

Tested and works in Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.02 and Internet Explorer 5.5.

Works in the following Wikipedia skins: MonoBook, Chick, MySkin, Simple. Has no effect in the other skins.

The script itself (the javascript code) is at User:Davidgothberg/newmessageshistory.js.

This script was created by and is maintained by: User:Davidgothberg

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