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Planc Raw data

Data, Experiment 1

Part A I start with the at the brightest yellow line with the apperatous directly in front of the target. Directly to the right I see three distinct Blue lines followed by a transmission area ranging form a less intense blue to a very bright green followed by an intense orange line. I will measure B1 (Blue 1 least intense blue), and G1 (Green 1) the corresponding green line for the spectrum.


Intensity Max Voltage time 1 time 2 time 3 time 4 time 5
100% 1.668V 24.71s 36.40s 27.22s 25.65s 25.35s
80% 1.672V 28.9s 30.09s 37.09s 32.22s 32.47s
60% 1.668V 36.78s 41.65s 40.22s 39.65s 38.81s
40% 1.665V 45.53s 43.16s 46.50s 46.53s 43.94s
20% 1.664V 53.87s 54.37s 59.93s 70.41s 72.28s


Intensity Max Voltage time 1 time 2 time 3 time 4 time 5
100% .75V 32.25s 30.38s 35.34s 35.74s 36.25s
80% .749V 40.16s 38.06s 38.69s 40.66s 40.85s
60% .748V 47.56s 53.69s 44.87s 49.94s 46.38s
40% .746V 52.68s 49.16s 53.50s 55.85s 52.90s
20% .739V 51.62s 58.53s 52.22s 54.50s 58.60s


Part B

Record DVM voltage for each band

Note: divide V by 20

B1:2.059-2.060 Volts this is a medium blue

B2:1.720-1.721 Volts this is a purple blue

B3:1.497-1.498 Volts this is a bright blue

making sure to use the yellow filter, I adjusted to light so that it fell on the slit/photo diode then put the filter in front of the slit then zeroed the instrument

G1:0.839-0.840 Volts (with yellow filter) this is a bright yellow/green,

I have a yellow and a green filter and I'm thinking that this value should be interpreted as green so....

G1:0.852-0.853 Volts (with green filter)

O1:0.714-0.715 Volts (with yellow filter) this is just orange