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Remains of the Day

  • Work on that progress report for the NSERC $$$ (turns out there wasn't one necessary so I submitted nothing)
  • Go visit Millar's in order to evaluate plant maturity
    • Harvested just a few berries since most plants were just starting to flower. One Untreated block yielded 8 ripe berries weighing 53.67 g. One Earth Alive plot yielded 5 berries weighing 30.35 g.
  • Ran gel of Oomycete TRFLP on all the healty/unhealthy MBA plants, PSI soils, and TSR soils again. Used 50 ul volumes, 6 x 25 mM MgCl per rxn, 56 degrees annealing and 45 cycles. Better than before, but perhaps too much MgCl. (see below)