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Remains of the Day

  • Spent most of yesterday and all of today shaking roots loose of dirt (corn from TBG seed coating trial at Mt Brydges), weighing and collecting roots for rhizosphere and washed root harvest later. Froze them alongside rhizosphere shake (old/alternative method of collecting rhizosphere vs mine of collecting root wash) and bulk soil from the control plants, in order to compare harvesting methods.
  • Collected bacterial pellets from the overnights of the fungus plasmids that I got yesterday (from TRFLP of Heinz2401 in growth room grown on sterile sand or TVD soil). Am going to do plasmid TRFLp with these so I can properly assign weights to the peaks in the TRFLP.
  • On Monday, helping Kristen harvest rhizosphere from tomato amendmant roots so that I can compare to my growth room results.