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The Daily Grind

    • To do: run gel of last night's PCR or soil swap endophytes
    • To do: photograph with and without Arabinose plates of Arabad::GFP endophytes
    • To do: make overnights of successful PSBA::GFP in pDRIVE
    • To do: scrape colonies into phosphate buffer and innoculate cut potatoes with them as per yesterday's specificiations (did it using 5C4, Kp342, E. coli 1O1, E. coli 2O2 [empty BAC], 1A1, 1C8, and 2A10 - all were dipped in OD=0.2 and the top layer treatment was 250 ul of 250ul OD=0.2 bacteria in 750 ul 0.1% agarose) Exception was the E. coli 1O1 and 2O2 which were at OD=1.0
    • To do: do sequencing reaction with all positives from today's gel (and yesterday's gel)
    • To do: Pour soil drench bacteria onto corn (did this using 10 ml of OD=0.1 2A10 or 1A1 and sterile R2A as a negative control)