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The Daily Grind

  • Some soil endophyte plates didn't grow (MiCan1Root,MiCan3Root,MiCan1Shoot,MiCan3Shoot,MiMex1Shoot,MiMex2Shoot,PaCan1Shoot,PaCan2Shoot, PaMex1Shoot,PaMex2Shoot,PaMex3Shoot,PaSand1Shoot,PaSand3Shoot,PiCan1Shoot,PiCan1Shoot,PiCan3Shoot,PiMex1Shoot,PiMex2Shoot,PiMex3Shoot,PiSand2Shoot) so instead of 10 ul glycerol into 290 ul buffer, I'll redo those with 10 ul into 90 ul dilutions and plate 50 ul on each plate. Some plates were overgrown (MiCan2Root,MiSand2Root,PaCan1Root,PaMex1Root,PaSand1Root,PaSand2Root,PiMex1Root) so these I will redo with 10 ul glycerol into 590 ul and then plate 50 ul of that suspension onto plates. Also gonna streak out contaminating microbes so I can describe them: even if they are in the glycerol stocks, I have to use the samples that I have. These came from MiCan1Root,MiMex1Shoot,MiMex2Root,PaCan1Shoot,PaCan1Root,PiCan1Root,PiMex1Shoot,PiMex1Root,PiMex3Root.