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The Daily Grind

  • My coffee plants are seriously hurting, with yellow leaves and necrotic spots all over. 3 of 4 have lost all their leaves entirely! I think the problem is high soil pH and a lack of available iron, so I am gonna start spraying and watering them with 0.5% iron sulfate in dH2O which has a pH of about 3.5 and will also help acidify the soil. Lets see what happens!
  • Picked up bags and trowel for soil harvest in Mexico. Likely will hire a care in Zihuatanejo (on Wednesday) and drive somehow to Rancho Nuevo (or somewhere close by) and get soil. Later, will hire a car in Acapulco (on Friday) and drive to Iguala, where I'll park the car and walk to the cave / lake and get soil and rock samples from there for Peter.