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David Jaroch
  • David Jaroch
  • Purdue University


David Jaroch has an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Michigan Tech University where he conducted student research on muscle mechanotransduction, self reinforcing polymers, electrochemical deposition, and gene amplification and purification. He went on to earn his Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Tech in the field of bioactive ceramics. There he investigated novel ion and drug delivery systems based on sol-gel glass encapsulants. He also performed in vivo research in murine models to investigate the biocompatibility of these novel materials.

David is currently a Ph.D. student in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Purdue University. He has developed numerous technologies including a novel magnetic insertion system for neural interfaces and silica based cellular encapsulants for the treatment of diabetes. He continues research into the development of novel practical techniques to integrate living tissues with synthetic devices.

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