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Contact Info

Nyer Haynes lab profile photo.jpeg

David Benjamin Nyer
Arizona State University
School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, ISTB4 269
Tempe, AZ 85287
Email me through OpenWetWare

I work in the Haynes Lab at Arizona State University.


  • 2013, MS, Arizona State University
  • 2008, BS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Research interests

  1. Metabolic engineering of algae
  2. Microbial communities in biological soil crusts
  3. Synthetic chromatin transcription factors


Lab Notebooks

RNA-seq of PcTF-transfected U2OS & SK-N-SH cell lines
HPK-CFP insertion into Gal4EED/Luc using CRISPR
PcTF breast cancer

Short project - The Cas-tone constructs, a.k.a. "cloning gRNAs into pSPgRNA for dCas9-HT binding to luc gene" (start, end)

Notes on papers
Literature review

Useful links