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June 22nd


  • Incubator works.
  • Marine strain WH8102 came in the mail with SH media.
  • Went to MIT to pick up PCC7942 and 6803 from Peter Weigele at MIT.
    • Told us WH8102 will be way too hard to grow. We probably will go with the freshwater strains.
    • MIT food trucks go!


  • Made 1L of the following liquid media:
    • 20 mL 50x BG-11 stock
    • 980 mL deionized H20
  • Made 6 125ml liquid cultures in 250ml flasks:
    1. PCC7942 streak w/toothpick
    2. PCC7942 single w/toothpick
    3. PCC7942 single w/o toothpick
    4. PCC6803 streak w/toothpick
    5. PCC6803 single w/toothpick
    6. Control w/ toothpick
    • 16 hours light each day
    • Put flask holders in incubator and set shaker.
    • Open lids (parafilm with holes) to allow air exchange.
    • 30°C